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You Drove Drunk. You Screwed Up. Now What?

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Resources » Addiction & Recovery Articles » You Drove Drunk. You Screwed Up. Now What?

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A night out, friends, family, a few drinks, laughter, a few more drinks, a bad decision, a loud noise, sirens, blue and red lights and then a room with bars stopping you from leaving. You’re terrified, you didn’t mean for this to happen, and the insurmountable guilt of having just done the worst thing in your entire life is only just starting to sink in. You ask yourself, “what the hell do I do now?”


It’s true. You have just messed up big time. This is no laughing matter. Someone may be hurt because of you, or maybe you’re hurt because of you. Your car is gone, you won’t be seeing that for a while, and the next few months of your life are going to be tumultuous to say the least. Police reports, court dates, finding an attorney who is straight with you and of course the guilt, shame and stress. It’s not an easy time, but it’s not a situation you can’t recover from. For many alcoholics a DUI is what is known as their “rock bottom moment”. The problem can’t get any worse, and it doesn’t look like it can get any better, either.


While your friends and family may be ashamed of you, you’ve lost your job, or any number of other terrible things are going on, remember that positivity and hope can be found in even the most desperate of life’s stories. Chances are, if you’ve found yourself being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, you may need to reflect on the fact that you may have a problem. Perhaps your relationship with alcohol has gotten out of hand and now is a time to make a change for the better.

Searidge Foundation can help.

Located in Nova Scotia, Searidge is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre that has helped many Canadians recover from their addiction to alcohol and go on to lead happier, more prosperous lives. One of our many areas of expertise is helping our clients who are facing legal trouble due to a DUI offense. How do we help? In a number of ways, in fact, and here’s a short and certainly not extensive list:

  • Should you choose to enter into our rehab program for alcohol addiction, we can write a letter to the prosecutor, judge and court stating that you will be under our care and that we will be working hard with you during the course of your treatment to rehabilitate you to the best of our abilities. In doing this, you’re demonstrating to the judge, the prosecutor and the court that you are acting in good faith and desire a positive change as much as they do.
  • We can help get to the bottom of why this incident may have occurred in the first place, and offer you the very best treatment option tailored specifically for your situation. Getting a unique approach to treatment will boost your chances of success in reforming your life and making better choices in the future.
  • Upon completing our program, Searidge staff are more than happy to offer a detailed report to the court, with your permission of course, outlining how impressive your recovery was and how we feel you’re on the right path to recovery.

These three things can have such a fundamental impact on the outcome of a DUI case, and many of our former clients have benefited tremendously from both our program and support during such a difficult time.

If you’re experiencing similar legal trouble, and truly desire to turn your life around, don’t hesitate to contact Searidge Foundation so that we can have a proper discussion with you and figure out what options are best suited to you.

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