One of Atlantic Canada's Best Alcohol Rehabs For Detox & Lasting Recovery​

Searidge Foundation is one of the best residential addiction rehabilitation centers located in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.

We offer therapies and counseling that treat the underlying causes of alcohol dependence. We insist on private rooms and small group sizes to provide the ideal environment for personalized treatment, and are proudly pet-friendly.

Following rehabilitation, Searidge alumni are empowered with a comprehensive set of aftercare tools such as premium coaching and counseling to continue the journey of lasting recovery as part of the Searidge community.

Aerial view of Searidge Alcohol Rehab Serving Atlantic Canada
Private, well appointed and wheelchair accessible rooms with private ensuite.

Recover at Searidge In Private, Comfortable, Quiet Rooms

Recovery is a healing process involving neurological growth and is improved by a good quality of rest. We provide each resident with their own private room and private bathroom. Our rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with internet and cable TV. We recognize that people need privacy, and private time to reflect, and that a good night’s sleep is vital.

Every morning, as our residents draw back the curtains of their private rooms and look over the stunning North Mountain they will quickly understand how we decided that Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia would be a perfect location for us to establish our alcohol rehab facility.

Personalized Care And Proven Treatments For A Successful Recovery

We are by design a small facility located in rural Nova Scotia and rightfully call ourselves a Home. We limit ourselves to accepting 12 residents at a time to provide a welcoming and relaxed healing environment. This encourages a sense of belonging and community, which is essential for recovery and meaningful long-term change.

At Searidge Alcohol Rehab, we understand the challenges of overcoming alcohol misuse and are committed to providing our residents with personalized guidance and support. Our recovery program offers valuable tools that empower our alumni to create a fulfilling, sober life beyond our facility. Together, we’ll explore new interests and cultivate lasting motivation for a healthy lifestyle.

Group, Art, and Music therapy room at Searidge
Lush Green spaces and gardens at Searidge

Surrounded by beauty, Selected for a Reason

We are close enough to Halifax to make getting here easy for our residents and their families who choose to visit, but far enough away from the possible influences that may trigger a desire to have a drink.

Under the guidance of our highly trained staff, the combination of the one-of-a-kind views, restaurants that offer their customers the very best in locally sourced fare, and wonderful shops where our residents will be greeted with some of the warmest smiles they will ever see, make our chosen location a perfect place to rest, and recover, and rebuild a life dismantled by the forces of addiction.

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