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Sleep It Off: Sleep’s Role in Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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A recent article in New Scientist discussed the benefits of sleep therapy for conditions other than insomnia. The study found that an app which delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for insomnia effectively reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression and psychosis. The majority of positive changes in mental health were attributed to an improvement in sleeping patterns and quality of sleep. Indeed, improved quality of sleep led to improved quality of mental health. This not only applies to depression and anxiety, but also addictions.

Sleep’s Role in Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Sleep Deprivation is the #1 cause of relapse in alcohol addiction treatment. Often, sleep disturbances are brought by periods of heavy drinking as well as periods of abstinence, making addiction treatment a tiring experience. Therefore, helping patients restore a regular sleep pattern is imperative in ensuring a lasting recovery. A regular sleep pattern helps patients regain a normal life and allows participation in daily routines. This return to normalcy will help the patient maintain their hard-earned sobriety. As such, concurrent sleep therapy is key to successful alcohol addiction treatment.

Treating Insomnia and Addiction in Alcohol Rehab Centres

At Searidge Foundation, we use a combination of pharmacological and behavioural treatments to address the sleep problems or insomnia our patients are experiencing. We incorporate CBT into our treatment plans to improve sleep patterns. CBT for insomnia includes addressing the thoughts, behaviours and emotions which contribute to the experienced sleep problems. This allows patients to associate positive thoughts about restful sleep with bed, promoting improved sleep patterns.

When necessary, medications are also incorporated in our treatment plans. Natural remedies such as melatonin and tryptophan in pumpkin seeds are used to enhance the effects of cognitive behavioural therapy. If required, sleeping pills are used for a short-term treatment, to complement the long-term effects of CBT.

In addition to the traditional treatments for sleep problems, we also offer a variety of alternative treatments. Mindfulness meditation, massage therapy and relaxation therapy are incorporated into personalized addiction treatment plans to promote a holistic recovery, including improved sleep. Furthermore, private bedrooms allow our patients to establish a better sleep cycle, without the interruption of others.

We recognize the frustration and agony that arises from poor sleep, and how it affects recovery from addiction. At Searidge Foundation, we are committed to helping you through your addiction treatment, and ensuring a successful recovery. As such, we provide first-class treatments alongside evidence-based regimens for insomnia, empowering you to take your life back from addiction.

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