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SCRAM Can Help You Avoid Jail Completely

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SCRAM Technology

Can tech solve all of our problems? Probably not, but when it comes to avoiding jail time for a drunk driving offense, it can get an addict into a treatment program instead of behind bars. How? Good question. SCRAM bracelets are devices that measure our sweat to see if we’ve been drinking. I didn’t even know there was a test to detect alcohol through our perspiration, let alone a device that can transmit data remotely to a piece of software monitored by experts. It’s mind blowing, isn’t it? And the best part? It helps thousands of individuals struggling with alcoholism avoid needless jail time and get them to where they truly need to be, recovery.

How Does it Help Alcoholics in Legal Trouble?

For someone convicted of a DUI, their life as they know it feels like it’s over. In many ways, it is, especially if you rely on driving to get to work, pick up the kids, do the groceries and so on. In fact, what you’re charged with (or convicted of) might not be driving related, perhaps you got into a drunken altercation or literally anything else that could have landed you in hot water with the Canadian legal and justice system. Either way, is it likely that going to jail will cure you of your alcoholism? Nope. In fact, it’s unlikely anyone is going to “cure” you of alcoholism, because that just isn’t how it works, but at the very least a treatment centre specializing in alcohol rehabilitation (rehab centre) can put you on the path towards sobriety. This means a lot more than you think, and is, by and large, the only real way to recover from problematic drinking or substance abuse.

When charged, convicted, sentenced and so forth for a crime related to alcohol consumption, or problematic drinking, your lawyer, the crown and a judge are involved. The prosecution is going to do their job and ensure that the public isn’t at risk because of your addiction or behaviour, while your defence attorney is going to insist you are not a menace and can be trusted to go back to your life. The judge is somewhere in the middle, but is a human being and can lean either way depending on past experience, years of legal training and perhaps just their mood on a given day. Depending on your particular circumstances, it’s often a coin toss when it comes to your legal fate. SCRAM bracelets are a game changer.

The SCRAM technology and program can keep you out of jail by acting as an alternative option for sentencing. It is an ankle bracelet, to be worn at all times that measures the amount of alcohol in your sweat and sends a detailed breakdown of the measurements (throughout the day) to the accompanying software. The data is then analyzed, processed and sent to the authorities in charge of monitoring your case. If no alcohol is detected, you are in the clear, but if there is then you can expect a warrant issued for your arrest, or other very serious ramifications. The beauty of the device, of course, is that it allows you to either return home to serve your sentence, or participate in an alcohol recovery program as mandated by the court. This is an option that many judges like to explore, as it can allow you the opportunity to recover or receive treatment while the court monitors whether or not you’ve made good on your promise to stay clean and sober.

Searidge Foundation Works With SCRAM

The expert addiction treatment team at Searidge has vast experience with SCRAM, and are proud to be among the first to really push the idea in Canada. We also work with the crown, judges and defence attorneys to ensure that any client interested in changing their lives with our help is treated fairly and is given the best chance by the justice system to recover from alcoholism and return to their lives, and society, a changed person. For more information, please feel free to reach out to Searidge today or have your defence attorney do so. We can truly make a difference in the outcome of your case, and we always do our best to help those under our care. We genuinely believe that everyone deserves a chance to actually recover and not be doomed to a life with a criminal record. We all make mistakes, but many of us do want to do better, let Searidge and SCRAM help you get where you need to be for you, your health, your family and everything else that truly matters.

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