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New Year, New You – Celebrating a Sober New Year’s Eve

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The colloquial idea of New Year’s Eve involves copious amount of sparkles and champagne, making it a challenging time for those in recovery from alcohol addiction. However, there are tons of alternatives to help avoid a relapse. After all, the best way to kick off the New Year is maintaining your hard earned sobriety, and setting the tone for the brand new year ahead.

Here are a couple ideas for celebrating the New Year without risking a relapse:

Pot Luck with Friends

At the beginning of a new year, it’s nice to be surrounded by people you love. A great (and cost-effective) way to get together is to have a potluck. Everyone can bring their favourite dish, and you can spend the evening snacking and chatting. If you want to make things really interesting, add a theme to your potluck, like an Italian potluck or a chocolate potluck, where everyone has to bring a dish which matches the theme.

New Year’s Eve Concert

Halifax always has a fantastic outdoor New Year’s Eve concert, and this year is no exception! If you’re not close to Halifax, check out what your local community has planned. A concert is a great opportunity to stay entertained while avoiding alcohol. Check out some of the concerts planned in the links below.


Fireworks are a traditional and beautiful way to ring in the New Year. Bundle up, pick up a hot chocolate and find a place to watch the show with you family or friends.

Fondue Night

It might sound cheesy but a fondue night can be pretty fun. Pick a couple of your favourite meats and vegetables, and make an evening of cooking and dipping! An alcohol free fondue recipe is included below!


Getting out and getting some exercise is an excellent activity for New Year’s Eve, especially with something as festive as skating. In Halifax, we’re lucky to have a New Year’s Eve skate at the Oval, and there are many other opportunities around Nova Scotia as well!

Game Night

If you’re in the mood for a relaxing night in, get out the board games and gather around the table. You’re sure to be in for a night of friendly competition and fun!

Nova Scotia New Year’s Eve Events:

Alcohol-Free Fondue Recipe

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