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Don’t Take a Summer Vacation from Sobriety

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Summer offers an opportunity to take a break from some of our responsibilities and enjoy a weekend away, an evening around a campfire, or an afternoon on a patio. The sun is shining and the drinks are flowing—creating a difficult time for recovering addicts. That being said, summer can also be a great time for recovering addicts to take advantage of a reduced-stress time and strengthen their commitment to sobriety.

A Vacation to Drug Rehab

During the summer you may have some extra time on your hands as extracurricular and volunteer activities usually take a pause. This is the perfect opportunity to carve away some time from your busy schedule to seek addiction treatment. Searidge drug rehab offers inpatient treatment throughout the summer, with Aftercare programs which allow the continuation of sobriety long after the summer has ended.

A Vacation for your Health, supporting your Sobriety

Having something to look forward to has been shown to significantly increase our happiness. A bit of rest and relaxation, or exhilaration while on vacation can support a balanced lifestyle after returning home. Reduced stress, improved mental health, improved mood, and a refreshed attitude will go a long way in maintaining sobriety. While planning a vacation, it is important to ensure that your destination will not provoke a relapse. If you are still uncomfortable in certain situation be aware of this, and plan a trip that will set you up for success in remaining sober.

How to Stay Sober this Summer

Keep up the activities that helped in your recovery

During the summer when most of our other after-work activities halt, it’s important to continue those activities which helped you through your recovery. Continue speaking to your sponsor on a regular basis, continue practicing meditation, keep up your exercise routine, and continue attending your therapy sessions. Summer is filled with temptation and it’s important not to over-estimate your ability to stay sober without these supports.

Avoid situations that make you feel uncomfortable, have an exit strategy, and know your limits

The easiest way to stay sober this summer is to avoid situations which may provoke a relapse. For example, going to a backyard BBQ with an abundance of beer and a group of friends that tend to overindulge may be a recipe for disaster. Knowing yourself, and what you can withstand is the key to remaining sober. Know which situations to avoid, and how you will escape if a situation becomes too tempting. We all have limits, and it’s important to draw a clear line when your limits are being pushed.

Plan activities which don’t tempt you to use your drug of choice

There are many options for the summer which don’t involve the temptation to use. Instead of planning a BBQ, host a brunch; instead of patio drinks, suggest a walk along the boardwalk and ice cream. Once the expectation of a fun summer vacation requiring drugs and alcohol is dissolved, you will be able to find many fun activities which don’t include the temptation of using.

Stay actively involved in Aftercare

The most important part of staying sober this summer is remaining actively involved in Aftercare. A great deal of work is put into recovery while in drug rehab. Aftercare programs are put in place so that a recovered addict is able to maintain the sobriety they worked so hard to achieve. Throughout the summer, continue to attend SMART meetings, Searidge Drug Rehab Refresher weekends, and over-the-phone therapy sessions. These will help ensure the tempting season of summer doesn’t derail your huge accomplishment of becoming sober.

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