COVID-19 Safety

Searidge Alcohol Rehab is a leading detox and residential addiction rehabilitation center located in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.

We continue to make Covid-19 safety at our alcohol rehab and treatment facility a top priority

We continue to observe very high COVID safety protocols

  • Everyone has their own private room and private bathroom ;
  • We have reduced our maximum occupancy by 40% to allow for even more social distancing;
  • Our common rooms are large and expansive allowing people to easily distance themselves;
  • Our Gym is open and in use, but safety precautions as distancing guidelines are in place
  • We are in a quiet rural countryside area with a very small population;
  • All staff are fully vaccinated– no one with any symptoms is allowed to be at the premises;
  • All staff must report any symptoms they have or that anyone in their household has, and be absent themselves;
  • We have very high sanitary standards;
  • We remain vigilant, informed, and prepared for developments in this virus and its variants;
  • More questions? Call us today at 1-888-777-9972.

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