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Celebrating Father’s Day after Addiction Treatment

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Maybe you weren’t expecting your father to be here for another Father’s Day. Maybe you have never had the opportunity to spend a Father’s Day together in the past. Drug addiction is a debilitating condition which takes the lives of many, and ruins relationships in the process. For that reason, Father’s Day is an important day to celebrate those fathers who have overcome their addiction. Recovery is a difficult process, for which he should be rewarded. Celebrating important milestones, such as Father’s Day, reminds the recovered addict of their achievements and the importance of living a drug-free life. Perhaps, being a father was a fundamental motivation in seeking addiction treatment. In that case, celebrating Father’s Day is a huge accomplishment for a recovered addict, which must be recognized.

Rebuilding Relationships after Drug Rehab

An important part of recovery from addiction is rebuilding important relationships. As a father, some of the most important relationships to rebuild after drug rehab are those with his children. These relationships likely bring purpose and meaning to his life, and a great sense of joy. Although rebuilding these relationships is not easy and will take time, Father’s Day is a good place to begin.

Of course, it is not only the addicts themselves who must recover. All the people in their lives who have been hurt must also recover from the havoc which addiction wreaks. Having realistic expectations and taking small steps will begin the process of restoring the relationship. You may begin with a simple visit and a card on Father’s Day. There is no need to rush things. Forgiveness and trust aren’t built overnight.

Supporting Sobriety After Drug Rehab

If you are fortunate enough to already have a renewed relationship with your father after his addiction treatment, it is important to celebrate Father’s Day in a way that supports his sobriety. The traditional image of Father’s Day is a backyard barbeque with beer and steak. However, for a recovered addict this can be a difficult situation to be placed in.

Fortunately, there are many alternate ways to celebrate Father’s Day, while supporting your father’s sobriety. Here are several suggestions:

  • Dry Barbeque: In line with traditional Father’s Day activities, you could host a ‘dry’ barbeque, meaning that there is no alcohol or drugs. This allows the opportunity to get together with family on Father’s Day, without the temptation of using.
  • Car Show: As summer rolls around, car collectors all around town snag the opportunity to show off their prized possessions at car shows. Strolling around a car show with your dad can be a great way to share common interests, rebuilding or strengthening the relationship.
  • Whale Watching: Nova Scotia is famous for its rugged coast lines and dynamic sea life. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience whale watching with your dad this Father’s Day. The awe-inspiring experience will help to support his continued sobriety.
  • White Water Rafting: For those thrill-seeking fathers, white water rafting may be the perfect way to celebrate a sober Father’s Day. Check out the many outfits which offer white water rafting, in the world’s highest tides of the Bay of Fundy.
  • Visit a National Historic Site or National Park: As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday there are many opportunities to celebrate Father’s Day at national historic sites for free. Try taking a hike in a national park or visiting a national historic site for a peek into the past.

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