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Alcohol Addiction: There’s an App for That

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Mobile Apps for Alcohol Addiction

Cell phones are ubiquitous. Everywhere you look there is someone staring at their screen. As a result, this technology has been harnessed to help those suffering from alcohol addiction. Many apps are being created to motivate, inspire and aid in alcohol addiction treatment and recovery from alcoholism. Apps such as “Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson”, “Twenty-Four Hours a Day” and “12 Steps AA Companion” have been rated the best apps to help with alcoholism for 2017 by Features of these apps include daily tips, inspirational messages, and methods for de-stressing. “Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson” allows users to set reminders for themselves for certain times of the day which they may find most stressful. Likewise, “Twenty-Four Hours a Day” offers meditation exercises to practice. Finally, “12 Steps AA Companion” keeps track of how long you’ve remained sober, post-alcohol addiction treatment.

Alcohol Rehabs, Addiction Treatment and the Benefits of Mobile Apps

Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous, and even lethal, if not done properly. Therefore, a medical supervision is imperative to a successful detox from alcohol. As such, an app alone cannot cure alcohol addiction, but it can be used as a tool in addition to psychotherapy and other treatments. An interactive app, that is available to a recovering addict 24/7, may play an essential role in an enduring recovery. After leaving alcohol rehab, it is encouraged that recovered addicts continue their contact with Searidge Alcohol Rehab. This is made possible through an extensive and accessible Aftercare Program, which incorporates virtual SMART recovery meetings, group or individual over-the-phone therapy sessions, and refresher weekends at Searidge. However, apps would make a welcome contribution to the aftercare program.

Mobile apps which aid in addiction treatment have several unique benefits. First of all, your phone goes everywhere with you, and as a result the app will too. This easy access will allow a quick response when unexpected situations arise which test your sobriety. Second, they are inconspicuous. This means that you are able to access the app and get a quick piece of advice or word of encouragement without anyone knowing. This protects both your privacy and your sobriety. Finally, it’s an efficient and cost-effective way of keeping track of your sobriety and reminding yourself of how far you’ve come.

A Holistic Recovery—Including an Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol addiction is a complex and pervasive disease, which requires a great deal of resources, work and dedication to recover. Indeed, an app alone will not lead to a full recovery. Psychotherapy offered at alcohol rehabs, which addresses the underlying causes and resulting problems of alcohol addiction, is necessary to achieve a full, holistic recovery and prevent future relapses. However, in combination with the appropriate therapies, mobile apps targeted at treating alcoholism can be a great tool in maintaining sobriety.

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