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Searidge Foundation is a not-for-profit drug and alcohol rehab located in Nova Scotia. In addition to providing personalized treatment, we try to create articles and resources that are useful to those suffering directly and indirectly from addiction and substance abuse.

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Groups & Associations

The team at Searidge Foundation is constantly looking at how we can improve the treatment and recovery prospects for our patients. To that end, we carefully select the right associations and organizations to affiliate ourselves so we can provide our clients with the very best in proven and appropriate treatment programs and methods. We are happy to be aligned with these excellent associations. 


National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

NAATP National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers Logo

NAATP is a nonprofit professional society that represents hundreds of not-for-profit and for-profit addiction treatment providers who offer critical services along the full continuum of care, from intervention, transportation, private therapy, outpatient care, hospitalization, residential treatment, and continuing/aftercare. NAATP supports its members by providing clinical and operational resources as well as law and policy advocacy. NAATP’s service as a convening body brings the industry together to promote collegiality and the dissemination of best practices.


National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Councillors (NAADAC)

NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, represents the professional interests of more than 100,000 addiction counselors, educators and other addiction-focused health care professionals in the United States, Canada and abroad. NAADAC’s members are addiction counselors, educators and other addiction-focused health care professionals, who specialize in addiction prevention, treatment, recovery support and education. An important part of the healthcare continuum, NAADAC members and its 47 state and international affiliates work to create healthier individuals, families and communities through prevention, intervention, quality treatment and recovery support.




The Canadian Positive Psychology Association

The Canadian Positive Psychology Association CPPA

The Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA) is a leader in the global positive movement of like-minded individuals interested in the research and application of positive psychology. The CPPA promotes the science and application of positive psychology and its research-based interventions across Canada through its member base and affiliates. The CPPA is a conduit of everything-positive-psychology in Canada, connecting and supporting academic research programs, strategic alliances, and membership.



International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies ISTSS

The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies is dedicated to sharing information about the effects of trauma and the discovery and dissemination of knowledge about policy, program and service initiatives that seek to reduce traumatic stressors and their immediate and long-term consequences.



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